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MPICH gfortran transition and mpif90


I just uploaded mpich 1.2.7-6 which builds with gfortran thanks to the
work of Kumar Appaiah.  See bug 195509 for details.

This results in an interface change due to the gfortran transition, and
a lib name change, so if you have packages linked to it, you will need
to rebuild against it.  Also, the lib package name change means that it
will need to go through the NEW queue, so feel free to grab the package
from there and/or http://lyre.mit.edu/~powell/mpich/ .

At the same time, the gfortran transition makes it possible to build and
include Fortran 90 libraries and the mpif90 compiler wrapper.  If you
have any occasion to use these, please do -- test and probe for any
bugs!  Please note that you may need to use gfortran as the linker
instead of gcc.

I am very glad to have this years-old issue finally resolved, so that
mpich can make the gfortran transition and we have a standard Fortran 90
MPI 1 implementation.

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