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[MPICH2] (handle_mpd_output 385): failed to handshake...

I have installed MPICH2 from source on my Debian etch machines (only two at 
the moment).
I have made a local process run through mpd, but the following happens:

$ mpdboot -n 2
mpdboot_derek-the-great (handle_mpd_output 385): failed to handshake with mpd 
on; recvd output={}

However, if I modify ~/.ssh/rc on the remote machine to print out hello, I 

$ mpdboot -n 2
mpdboot_derek-the-great (handle_mpd_output 399): from mpd on, 
invalid port info:

So, does anyone know what I've done wrong to cause this error? I understand 
that the echo statement confuses things in the second instance, but what is 
the problem in the first?
James Stanley

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