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Re: A Challenge for the Debianite Beowulfians

You should ask in the original beowulf list. Is has a much broader audience.

To answer your question someone must know the behavior of your application.

What are the network requirements? It needs a lots of  bandwidth? Very low latency?
It needs a lot of memory per node?
Your application does many or few I/O operations?

There are some guides about cluster building here:

2007/9/11, Martin G Smith <martin@redseven.ca>:
Hello – I have a challenge for the Debianite Beowulfians. You will find my Bias declared at – http://redsevenone.wordpress.com - and – http://mathnotmeth.wordpress.com - and can advise that the MATH Not METH movement has full funding [CDN $4.2 Million] in place for this project.
ABSTRACT -  To create a Freestanding Core of 960 Processors using current technology in a rack formation. This unit will run all available Open Software and act as a library tasked to support the growing MATH Not METH network. This unit will include a RAID array of 32 TB.
Please understand I am an analog human very much a hitch-hiker on the Highway of Light, who has found a way to capture the minds lost to the abyss that is Chrystal Meth.

Best Regards

Martin G. Smith Ph.D - Coordinator
RedSeven Services - MATH Not METH
[*A Bridge Over The Abyss]

Each day, as we walk the byways and
flash along the Highway of Light:
There are those who are left
standing, as the march to flight
goes by some to stop and wonder
at the enormous potential at what
has been created:

But others who are left, standing
in a rut at the side of the road,
a rut too soon to become an abyss.

So Then? What to do?
Have said before, too many times to count,
yet shall say again, as often as need be,
until there is clarity in the air:

The time has come to put a fence at the top of the cliff
instead of a net at the bottom:
Thus giving a chance to build a bridge over the abyss,
Or, too soon a grave

MATH Not METH - http://redsevenone.wordpress.com/

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