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Re: Best place for .3 MPI man pages

Adam C Powell IV a écrit :

Hello Adam

For years now, there has been a conflict between mpi-doc and lam4-dev
because they both provide .3 MPI API man pages, such as
MPI_Comm_set_name.3.gz .

Playing with apt-file and grep it seems that MPI_Comm_set_name.3.gz is the only file causing problem :

$ apt-file show bla > /tmp/bla with bla={mpi-doc,lam4-dev}
$ for i in `grep man /tmp/mpi-doc | cut -d'/' -f 5`; do echo -n "$i : "; grep -c $i /tmp/lam4-dev_man;done | grep ": 1"

It's silly that the -dev package conflicts with a corresponding -doc
package, as was pointed out by Fabrice Lorrain in bug 310688.

Thanks for resurrecting that old bug of mine.

So the question is: where is the proper place for these files, mpi-doc
or lam4-dev?  It seems like if they're in mpi-doc, there's less
duplication; if in lam4-dev they'd need to be repeated in all of the
libmpich*-dev packages.

In case you forgot, there was already an attempt of a discussion on this subject, see [1] and following.



PS : the link in your signature is broken.

[1] http://lists.debian.org/debian-beowulf/2005/03/msg00004.html

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