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Re: How to build a cluter based on 2 PCs?

Thanks very much

I guess I need to do a research on how to submit the job through mpirun

Initially I thought mpirun will know the machines in the cluster since I listed them in /etc/hosts.

Another question: do I need a copy of hosts on each of the machines in the cluster(basically 2 laptops in my case)?

Thanks very much


Mario Lang wrote:
Xiaoming Hu <xhu@ncsu.edu> writes:

I have two laptops with ubuntu system. I got NFS working also ssh
without password prompt between the two laptops. I also installed
And my simple parallel code is compiled successfully. But after I use
mpirun -np n xxx to submit my job. it doesn't work.

What error message do you get?  Did you configure your default MPICH hosts
file, or create one for your job?

mpirun -machinefile some-file-name -np xxx ...

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