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SSI package

Dear all,
I'm currently working on a SSI project named Kerrighed (http://kerrighed.org/). I'm packaging this big piece of software which is composed of :
- a patch to the Linux kernel (currently 2.6.11 and 2.6.14) with a module
- some tools, libs and docs.

I need your opinion : making a kernel-patch-kerrighed package involve that we have a patch against 2.6.18 kernel and follow the versions. This is our goal but it needs some time yet... The other solution is to make a kerrighed-kernel package based on 2.6.14 kernel but we have to maintain our proper kernel package and it is a big work too. I got the source for 2.6.14 packages from SVN but I have some issues with .config building mechanism.

Finally, is the debian-beowulf caring about deploying solutions ? I use systemimager packages but is there any work to integrate with debootstrap, for instance ? Is this maillist the only forum for cluster issues ?

As you see, I have many question but I have some skills about cluster deployment and I'm ready to share my experiences with the debian-beowulf project...

Best regards,
Jean Parpaillon

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