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Spooz Appoints Dr. Roger Brown to Advisory

SPZI announced the addition of Dr. Roger
Glenn Brown to the company's Advisory Board

Dr. Brown has over 20 years experience in the
emerging fields of systems analysis, business
intelligence, business analytics, data
warehousing, data mining, and knowledge
management. After ten years with the Central
Intelligence Agency where he served as an
intelligence analyst, Dr. Brown founded
INSCAPE, a technology consulting enterprise
that provided a wide range of services
related to the design, acquisition,
incubation and installation of new
technologies into corporate and
organizational environments. 

Dr. Brown is also the architect of patent
pending technology originally developed as
a web-based electronic exchange to facilitate
transactions for unlisted securities between
accredited investors, which could eventually
lead to the development of enterprise software
products that would allow financial institutions
to create internal electronic exchanges that
can match and offset positions internally
without the need to go to the traditional
exchanges saving millions in transaction

Dr. Brown has taught and conducted research
at Stanford University; Golden Gate University
Graduate School of Business; University of
California, Irvine Graduate School of Management;
Monterrey Institute of International Studies
Graduate School of Management, The Naval Post
Graduate School and the Graduate School of
National Security Affairs.

Spooz CEO, Paul Strickland, commented, "We
consider it a great privilege to have a man with
Roger's experience and knowledge as an Advisor.
His in-depth knowledge of accounting and corporate
finance, extensive research & teaching skills and
broad-based experience in business plans and
private placements will undoubtedly prove to be
invaluable to the company as we progress along
our growth path."

About Spooz, Inc. 

Spooz, Inc., a publicly traded company based in
Chicago, provides a suite of solutions designed
to simplify financial trading for traders and
hedgers alike. SpoozToolz(TM) and its modules,
the Company's flagship products, add built-in
trading capabilities to the popular Microsoft(R)
Excel software application, combining a
customizable interface, streaming quotes, charts,
technical analysis, a comprehensive historical
database, and electronic trade execution into a
simple add-in that becomes part of the Excel toolbar.

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