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Re: star topology

On Sat 07/30/05 19:18, eric@hopevale.com wrote:
> Hello,
> I'll get right to my question.
> I have three computers and 6 ethernet cards can I use star topology to
> create a mini computer or do I need special ethernet cards or
> something different than ethernet?  I was hoping I could skip the cost
> of a switch :)
> Thank you

Yes, and no. Yes you can create a cluster, no it won't help 90% of your
software go any faster. If you do a typical "beowulf", you'll need
MPI/PVM enabled software (few and far between). If you use something
like openMosix, which will allow you to have one "big SMP",
multi-threaded programs won't benifit only X programs that all need CPU
time. oM is kinda hard to explain, but very, very cool if you have
hardware it runs reliably on.

And a cheap switch is only like $30....


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