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mpich 1.2.7 "transition"


I'm getting ready to upload mpich 1.2.7 to unstable, which will include
a few significant changes:

      * The mpich(-mpd) packages are deprecated in sarge, and removed
        for etch ( and beyond), so packages which depend on
        them should change to mpich(-mpd)-bin.
      * Additional ch_shmem transport for better performance on shared
        memory machines than either ch_p4 or ch_p4mpd (was always in the
        source, I'm packaging binaries now).
      * libslog is *gone* so packages and binaries which link to it (and
        which link to libmpe) will likely need to rebuild.
      * Uses gfortran to provide Fortran 90 capability (yay!).

One issue: the gcc 4.0 transition which gives us gfortran also gives us
a new C++ ABI.  There's one lib in mpich which is built using the C++
compiler, libpmpich++.so (linked from libmpi++.so).  However, those libs
are not linked to libstdc++ (ldd doesn't show a dependency, and
dh_shlibdeps doesn't auto-generate a dependency on the new libstdc++
version.  So, do the new shared lib packages need to be libmpich1.0c2
etc?  I think so...  Note that this will require that we all rebuild C++
executables and libs to link with the new libpmpich++.

Also, Zach Lowry is packaging mpich2 (and I'm doing a lame job of
mentoring him), in case anyone was wondering.

Just curious: what (if anything) is lam doing for the c2 ABI transition?

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