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PVM don't spawn

Hi every body, I'm having a trouble with PVM 3.4.5
I unpacked from source and compiling in
/usr/share/pvm3 also I copy some directories into my
$HOME/pvm3 - examples and bin - I've added all hosts
in my net into master without work.
I have compiled with aimk hello hello_other and I when
try to execute $HOME/bin/LINUX/hello or
$HOME/bin/LINUX/helloh, PVM sends me the next message 
"can't start hello_other" and the same happens thing
if I compiled a different source from examples

I trying to change permissions, without a result.
I'm using 6 computers with a debian woody - very
minimal instalation - and using ssh without password
to conect a slave
Here I write my log,it's put in /tmp/pvml.1000

[t80040000] 05/20 19:40:58 rodrigo (
LINUX 3.4.5
[t80040000] 05/20 19:40:58 ready Fri May 20 19:40:58
[t80040000] 05/20 19:41:05 dm_halt() from (rodrigo),
[t80040000] 05/20 19:41:05 work() pvmd halting
[t80040000] 05/20 19:41:05 pvmbailout(0)

rodrigo is the master node

Thanks for a lot for your help

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