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Re: distributed batch processing

On Wed, May 11, 2005 at 06:12:20PM -0700, Dale Southard wrote:
> On May 11, 2005, at 4:03 PM, Drake Diedrich wrote:
> >Debian really ought to have at least one packaged
> >implementation of this (DQS was, but I couldn't keep it working).
> As Josh mentioned, the Torque fork of OpenPBS is probably the
> best bet.  Torque is OpenPBS + FOSS extensions, including
> re-implementation of PBSPro features.  There are already some
> debs available and there's at least one script floating around
> to build deb packages.
> It's probably also worth looking at the maui scheduler (which
> runs on top of torque or other batch systems).  Someone wiser
> than I should probably browse the licenses at
> www.clusterresources.com to verify that torque and/or maui
> meet the Debian standards before any work is started.
Debian Wiki on licence texts - OpenPBS and Torque both non-free.
(Though this may not be authoritative, it is certainly persuasive

As someone who has actually downloaded OpenPBS from Altair for
business use - it was a nightmare and required pre-registration. 
If you go there now, you are asked to fill out a webform - which 
still recommends strongly that you get PBSPro: you may even have 
to sign up for an evaluation licence for PBSPro in order to be 
redirected to the OpenPBS download location.

Torque is certainly more freely available - and has been packaged as a 
.deb - but is not part of the Debian archive. Google for torque and .deb
and you should find it. The only reason it is non-free is because the
licence is a) controversial and b) unclear as to its effect. [Torque
took an earlier version of OpenPBS which appeared to be more liberal in
its licence terms and forked from there: it is unclear which licence
terms still apply - see the thread on debian-legal cross referenced from
the Wiki entry.

It's a shame: I'm almost tempted to write a letter to Altair to suggest
that they should open source OpenPBS by removing the license restriction
and then dual-license PBSPro such that commercial customers can buy
support (in the same way that Aladdin did with Ghostscript et. al.).

I'd also volunteer to package Torque if it were feasible to have it in
the distribution proper.

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