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Re: Help - Beowulf Cluster


There's some pretty good documentation for Beowulf clusters on the
Debian wiki: http://wiki.debian.net/?StartaBeowulf

On Wed, 2005-03-30 at 11:14 -0300, Olavo Pires Oliveira Neto wrote:
> Hello...
> My name is Olavo, I am analyst unix in a company of technology of Brazil, and am
>  configuring an environment linux with cluster...
> I have much interest in implanting the software of cluster in my laboratory,
> however I do not find the program to lower and the documentations...
> It would like to know if link with the archives and the documentations can help
> to me sending me one...
> Since already I am thankful for the attention...
> I am in I wait it of a return.
> Thanks.

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