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openmosix and XSI

hey, I was wondering if anyone could clue me in as to why this program isn't migrating.  (yes, other apps do migrate,
it's pretty easy to get other things to migrate)

I know there are a variety of reasons that a process won't migrate, but this one seems as if it should, yet it doesn't.

Anyways, I'm trying to run XSI Softimage on my cluster.  [Yes, I know XSI has special server-client stuff for
distributed rendering, but I use the cluster for a variety of things, and I just want XSI to run on there also]

but it just won't migrate to a free node.  It doesn't appear to be doing a large amount of I/O.  In fact, the hard drive
light never blinks.  And as far as I can tell, it isn't a daemon, or spawned from a daemon (which supposedly prevents
processes from migrating)

my current cluster setup with relevant nodes -
1) 'gateway node' - p4 1.5 ghz, 768M ram (2 gigs swap, completely untouched) - this is the machine with X installed and
where I run all my apps from.  I want apps to migrate off to other dummy nodes once they're started.
2) another node - amd sempron 2400+, 512M ram - this is the machine I expect the process to migrate to, because it will
have the highest processor rating out of all the machines currently in the cluster.

now, XSI, when rendering, appears to run a few processes, each which uses about 180M of ram.  Could it be that it thinks
there's not enough ram in the other machines to warrant a migration?  is that just too big to transfer?  (100mbps
network topology)

thoughts?  why won't it migrate?
maybe if someone has a better/proper list of reasons why a process might not migrate, I could figure out what's
preventing it from moving?  (the main two things I've heard of is lots of hard drive I/O will prevent a process from
migrating or bring it back, as well as daemons supposedly won't migrate, or processes spawned from a daemon)


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