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Re: [Beowulf] motherboards for diskless nodes

At 03:20 PM 2/24/2005, Jamie Rollins wrote:
Hello.  I am new to this list, and to beowulfery in general.  I am working
at a physics lab and we have decided to put together a relatively small
beowulf cluster for doing data analysis.  I was wondering if people on
this list could answer a couple of my newbie questions.

The basic idea of the system is that it would be a collection of 16 to 32
off-the-shelf motherboards, all booting off the network and operating
completely disklessly.  We're looking at amd64 architecture running
Debian, although we're flexible (at least with the architecture ;).  Most
of my questions have to do with diskless operation.

How netboot-capable are modern motherboards with on-board nics?

Very capable.  Easier to do netboot than almost anything else.

have experience with a couple that support PXE.  However, I have
been having a hard time finding information on-line stating expicitly that
a given motherboard and/or bios supports netbooting.  The only thing I've
been able to find so far is the Tyan K8SR that uses the AMI BIOS 8.0.  I
get the impression that most MB's that have gigabit probably support PXE
booting, but I was curious what other's impressions are.

One way to check is to look at the BIOS manual for your mobo (they're typically online) and see if they mention a "boot from network" option.

As a practical matter, I think almost ALL mobos these days can do network boot. Now, if someone could answer whether they can netboot over a 802.11 card, I'd be real interested. (the question is whether the bios has enough smarts to bring up the wireless interface)

Something else that we're looking for that I believe is far more esoteric
and has been equally hard to find information about is BIOS serial console
redirect, ie. being able to control the bios from the serial port.  I've
been getting more and more into accessing machines through the serial

That's probably a bit dicey.. While netboot is a "essential" feature for modern business environments (which drives mobo development, to a large degree), serial access is not. In fact, a lot of "legacy free" mobos have NO serial port.

However, for mobos aimed at the "server" application, remote management is a big deal, so serial port management might be more likely.

A related question is whether anyone has any experience with LinuxBios and
if so, on what hardware.  This might be too big of an issue to bring up,
but I would love to hear people experiences using LinuxBios to boot
diskless cluster nodes over the network.

Google for it, and you'll find several examples of LinuxBIOS and clusters.

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