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technical support


i know... nobody likes this email, but i hope you'd just hear me out.

what i'm offering is -->>
technical support

if your not an expert on computers you may need this service.

just think of this situation;
what if something happens to your computer; crashed, its stuck, data are lost...
sure... we all have our tech friends to help us out...
or you can always surf the net...

but, just what if they're not around or you can't access the net to find or fix your computer's problems.

this is where our tech support people come in.

you may also ask or say its expensive... yes it is, because were good at it and the best. but before you go we also have a system that lets you get this service for free, just sign up three new members and your tech support program is free paid for by the three new members.

hmmmm.... sounds like one of those schemes....

well, yeah it is, you do make some money, but in the long run you may find this service an alternative compared to other tech support that'll charge you with every call you make.

Interested? please reply with the words 'yes' or 'ok send me free info' on the subject line
                 Subject       :  "OK Send Me FREE Info"

not interested? you don't have to do anything.

well that's it and thanks for your time.



almino malaza jr



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