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mpich uploaded


My last mpich upload in early November (the first in over a year, sorry
about that) turned out to be a bit sloppy.  But I've just uploaded a new
one which not only clears out the bugs, but reorganizes the package
quite a bit.  The main change is to split mpich(-mpd) into
mpich(-mpd)-bin (roughly equivalent to lam-runtime) and
libmpich(-mpd)1.0-dev.  This upload closes about 7 of its 12 bugs (and a
related bug in another package), and takes its lintian status from tens
of warnings and errors to just two errors (missing manpages for
mpichboot and mpichstop in mpich-mpd-bin).  This release should be
vastly better than the last one...

Unfortunately, it's going to take a while to get in, because of the
changed package names.  In the meantime, you can kick the tires by
getting everything from http://lyre.mit.edu/~powell/mpich/ and let me
know if you find any problems.

As for those last two lintian errors, can someone who uses mpich-mpd let
me know what mpichboot and mpichstop do?  I have a rough idea (start and
stop daemons on the head and each client node), but want to be a bit
more sure.


-Adam P.
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