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Re: Best Workstation


Thanks very much for all of your tips!

Daryl: no I did not know anything about Orion Multisystems. Checked the
homepage and it seems to be an interesting stuff, thanx!!

Peter: Yes I'm definetly going after the W2100z with SATA drives.

Regarding Macs vs. AMD/Intel, read an article on Toms Hardware with a
lot of interestings results specially Opteron beating up the G5! Cool :)

>  A cluster of cheap-o Celerons on mobos with integrated video and lan is
> _very_ cheap.  It's not scalable, but 10  600$ machines in low-profile cases
> sitting in a corner can be useful.  (If you've got the admin time and skills
> to manage hardware that won't PXE boot, so you need floppy disks and
> etherboot...)

could be, but the labs relies on a proprietary (and very expensive)
software.. its way much cheaper to licence a workstation than a
mini-cluster made out of celerons =/

Thanks again,

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