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Best Workstation


First of all, I know this is _not_ an on-topic question, but I think it
is way much better fitted than all those crappy spams coming down.
Maybe one of you is doing the same research as me and can share some
Well, the fact is that I'm planning to get a new Workstation for one of
our Labs doing computational fluid dynamics stuff. Got two options, a
dual Sun Opteron (I could easyly run Debian on it) *W2100z or a dual Sun
UltraSPARC III (Solaris only) *Blade 2500, same memory (4GiB) and same
storage (2x73GiB U320).
What would be the best 'bang-of-the-buck' for my labs' necessity?
Straight horse power.

Hope someone could bring some ideas!

Thanks in advance,


PS: Not going after a cluster because of a very tight budget.

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