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Re: channel bonding

Le jeudi 12 août 2004 13:44 +0200, Heiko Bauke écrivait:
> 7.  Which switches/systems does it work with?
>   In round-robin mode, it works with systems that support trunking:
>   * Cisco 5500 series (look for EtherChannel support).
>   * SunTrunking software.
>   * Alteon AceDirector switches / WebOS (use Trunks).
>   * BayStack Switches (trunks must be explicitly configured). Stackable
>     models (450) can define trunks between ports on different physical
>     units.
>   * Linux bonding, of course !
> What does that mean? What is trunking? Whats states the phrase "Linux
> bonding, of course!"?

The aggregation of two network channels into one virtual channel is
called "bonding" in the Linux world and "trunking" in the Cisco world.

When you want to use channel bonding/trunking, both sides of the wire
need to be compatible with this bonding/trunking. The sentence means
that Linux bonding is compatible with Cisco trunking.

And the last sentence means that, of course, Linux bonding works between
two Linux systems.

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