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Re: Batch system?

Kenneth Geisshirt wrote:
> Currently I don't have a batch/queue system. OpenPBS does not
> support Itanium (and the pacth I found somewhere does not work). GNU
> Queue seems to be broken (assumes 32 bits syscalls).
> I would like to run OpenPBS since most clusters (at least in
> Denmark) seems to be using it (which makes the migration for users
> easier). Is there just one individual who successfully has compiled
> OpenPBS? Or any other quequing system?

I don't really know much of the details there but we are running
'grid' on our ia64 machines.  It seems to be working well enough.  You
may have heard of it as other product names as it changed hands as
companies were bought and sold.


It is available at no-cost under the SISSL.  I think that might even
be a free software license but did not look.


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