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Re: Batch system?

A Qua, 2004-05-26 às 07:11, Kenneth Geisshirt escreveu:
> I run a small Itanium based cluster <http://supertux.ruc.dk>. Operating 
> system is Debian GNU/Linux (testing). The cluster has one frontend and 6 
> compute nodes
> Currently I don't have a batch/queue system. OpenPBS does not support 
> Itanium (and the pacth I found somewhere does not work). GNU Queue seems 
> to be broken (assumes 32 bits syscalls).
> I would like to run OpenPBS since most clusters (at least in Denmark) 
> seems to be using it (which makes the migration for users easier). Is 
> there just one individual who successfully has compiled OpenPBS? Or any 
> other quequing system?
> Thanks in advance
>    Kneth

Maybe you could try torque
(http://www.supercluster.org/projects/torque/). It is based in OpenPBS

Paulo Jorge Jesus Silva
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