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VIC AntiVirus Mail Scanner Results

RAV AntiVirus for Linux i686 version: 8.3.0 (snapshot-20010925)


This is the VIC AntiVirus Mail Scanner. I have found that 
debian-beowulf@lists.debian.org sent a virus infected e-mail:

To:       3f5e81f8.2498.846930886@newsville.com, 
Subject:   Re: <5664ddff?$??§2>
Filename: (part0002:warez_doc.zip)->warez_doc.doc.scr
Virus:    Win32/Netsky.C@mm

If the e-mail came from MAILER-DAEMON the real sender is unknown.  
If you have any questions or if you do not want to receive these
warning messages please send an e-mail to help@vic.com.

I have done the following:

- I have not been able to clean this file.
- I have not been able to delete this file. Most probably it's in an archive.
- I did not deliver this mail because it contained dangerous code.

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