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Re: Mass Install Question

On Thu, Feb 19, 2004 at 12:26:56AM -0500, Leigh wrote:
> In prep for a beowulf using Debian (woody), I've been attempting to seek 
> out a way to mass install, using an image set on one system. Most I see 
> make use of boot floppies, or are for other releases (such as one I found 
> for potato, that a bit of digging in mailing lists revealed would not work 
> on woody). Is there perhaps a system out there what works on woody and 
> can/does use CDs instead of floppies?

You can try FAI (Fully Automatic Installation) or, as the other option,
System Imager. I tried both... Did not succeed with FAI (more complex,
but also more powerful than System Imager) but succeeded with System
Imager. It is fairly simple for installation. Works over floppy, CD, or
PXE... I recommend PXE. :)
Google provides links for these tools.


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