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I've been trying to play with GNU/Queue, and am having a little bit of a
problem. The nodes are on a private net, and the head node has multiple
cards. The head node is named bioinfo.ucr.edu, the nodes are
nodeXX.bioinfo.ucr.edu, however the nodes know the server as
master.bioinfo.ucr.edu, so when I log into node01 and try to run a job
(on anything but the head) everything runs fine. However, if I try to
submit a job from the head it fails to run on the node. It just dies
with a line such as END: exit 2 (02) in the logs.

Anyone have any idea how to get around this? I know GNU/Queue does some
hostname == ip security checks and I'm pretty sure this is whats causing
the problems, but so far I havn't been able to find out where those are
in the code.



| Josh Lauricha            |
| laurichj@bioinfo.ucr.edu |
| Bioinformatics, UCR      |

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