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Re: cluster from intel and ppc?

On Mon 09/08/03 16:32, Peter Cordes wrote:
>  Maybe, but not in the same cluster.  You can't migrate ia32 machine code to
> a node with a PPC processor, unless you're going to run an emulator!
> openMosix, OTOH, is i386 only.  They're working on amd64 and maybe ia64,
> though.

>From the August 2003 Mosix list archive:
    Currently the MOSIX patch can be applied only to the x86 Linux kernel.
    It will not work with AIX. 

So, no. It does not support multiple archs. Previous incarnations of it
have been for various OS/Archs, but currently only on x86.

And, you'll want openmosix, its much more active and better supported,
just compare the mailing lists: since the beginning of August there have
been three posts on the Mosix list, while there have been 15 on the
openmosix list this weekend (most posts are support related).


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