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Re: Requesting adoption of some packages.

Hello Junichi,

Junichi Uekawa wrote:

I'm asking for people who want to adopt the following packages.

Due to me getting employed

Great!  Congratulations.

and accessing the net with only 32kb connection,
I have difficulty maintaining some of the packages.
I currently definitely don't have enough time for the following packages:

diskless -- create diskless clusters
 you need to become the upstream to this as well.

I've been planning to do this for months (as indicated in the wnpp bug), sorry I haven't actually done it yet. I'll upload within the next couple of weeks.

mpich -- implementation of MPI, message-passing interface, parallel programming language
 A big package, with lots of problems, and very specific use.

I *might* be able to take this on if nobody else comes forward. (Not committing to anything yet... :-)


-Adam P.

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