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PVM Unexpected Termination

I have been trying to get PVM working properly for
quite some time now, and the PVM documentation does
not list my problem or anything similar to it, which I
assume has something to do with its rarity. Here is a
description of what's happening using two hosts in the

The cluster is sitting on a network behind a NAT'ing
OpenBSD box named "alpha". The two hosts I am
considering, which are both behind "alpha" are two
Alpha Stations running debian woody (2.2.20), named
"husk" and "clutter". All hosts are mutually
accessible, and NAT'ing is working properly. What
isn't working properly is pvm (version 3.4.2)
installed from the respective debian package. The
problem occurs when trying to add another host to the
local host pool. The following is a sample pvm session
on "husk" (which applies equally to "clutter"):

pvmuser@husk:~$ pvm
pvm> mstat husk
                    husk  ok
pvm> add clutter

The pvm session terminates as soon as any attempt is
made to add hosts [Note: before SSH keys were
generated, the user would be prompted for a password.
The error obviously occurs after authentication]. 

Additional information:
- pvm is being used over SSH for increased security

If anyone is familiar with this particular problem or
a similar one, or if more information is needed,
please reply.

Thank you,

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