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Re: mpich 1.2.5

> >I'm going to upload mpich 1.2.5 to Debian, probably tomorrow.
> >It is a maintenance release, but it has a lot of changes, 
> >and I've forward-ported many of the patches.

> Thanks Junichi, for your contributions and quality maintenance of this 
> important Beowulf infrastructure package!
> You've made a lot of important changes, such as shared libslog with 
> libmpe, and various other things to get it to build shared libs properly 
> at all.  Have you considered offering these changes to upstream, so 
> others can use them and you don't have to work as hard for each upgrade?

I'm sending all changes upstream.
I have heard that some portions are going to be integrated 
(use of $DESTDIR for installation) and 
and some portions (making shared mpe) are going to be broken down.


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