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Diskless nodes: the bootdisk

Hello all,

    I had finished to set a beowulf cluster with
debian linux. Everything seems to be working fine.

    But the slaves nodes was set up with harddisks;
and I was needing to do its run through of floppies,
when every node would have a floppy with its kernel
image inside of the floppy (I cannot use dhcp/tftp to
get the kernel images from the server, because the
departament that this cluster have been build it's
already belong of a internal network, with it's
particular settings(...), ), so the file system would
needed to be mounted on the server, through nfs  (the
ready-only directories), and in ram (ramdisks) the
read-write directories..

    Does anybody have some suggestions about how to do
this? The /etc/fstab file? I have seen some shell
scripts,  but one thing that has made me confuse it's
if the directory /etc need to be the same of the

Rodrigo F Baroni

Computer Science Grad Student
Image Science Center and Medical Physics
University of Sao Paulo State
Ribeirao Preto, Sao Paulo - Brazil

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