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Re: newbie

Prof. Powell probably has the best Debian Clustering HOWTO at...


and, of course, there is Joe Greeseid's thorough http://lcic.org/

N.B. While there are many Clustering HOWTOs out there (like my
long-in-the-tooth ClusterFAQ at web.mit.edu/~kkeville/www/ClusterFAQ.htm)...

... there are not that many GNUcentric ones. Due to the high volume of new
converts here, perhaps we can put a modern one together (or start a newbie
list). FWIW, I wouldn't do a kickstart cluster as your first cluster. You
may just want to put together a couple of HD-based nodes so you can get
familiar with the MPI and rtools setups. Those configs will be tranferable
once you have a couple of nodes running.

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