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Re: SSH with no passphrase needed

On Thu, Jan 02, 2003 at 01:37:45PM -0600, Vince Mulhollon wrote:

:When logged into the main hub, run "ssh-keygen -d" and hit enter at all the
:Then, "scp .ssh/id_dsa.pub remote:.ssh/authorized_keys" where remote is
:obviously the hostname of the remote.

this will leave you will a null passphrase, which is a bad idea even
on a (hopefully) secured cluster.

If you enter a passphrase (during the ssh-keygen phase above), you can
still have a single signon cluster.  Follow the above steps generating
the keys and copying the public key to your authorized_keys file on
the remote system.

The only extra step is when you initially login to your workstation

prompt$ ssh-agent bash
prompt$ ssh-add
Enter passphrase for /home/jon/.ssh/id_dsa:

you'll then be able to ssh to any host with your key in authorized
keys without entering the passphrase again.  this works for the
current shell and it's children so if run before you startx all your X
application will have this access, but if started from an xterm only
that xterm and apllications started from it (after authenticating)
will have access.

hope I've made things more confusing :)


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