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* kunphuzil <kunphuzil@yahoo.com> [02-12-29 12:36]:
> Does anyone know anything about OSCAR? (oscar.sf.net)
> I am trying to decide if I should use Mosix or
> OpenMosix or OSCAR. Very confused right now. Maybe
> someone could guide me in the right direction?

Well, OSCAR is a collection of userland programs to do clustering. 
It has a GUI wizard to easily set up and maitain a cluster and one of
its aim is to allow people with no knowledge of clustering to setup and
use a cluster in a very short time. For the moment, tools are mainly 
for scientific computation and includes, for instance, PVM, 
MPI (MPICH and LAM/MPI), queuing system (openPBS), scheduler (MAUI), ...


OpenMosix (and mosix) are a completely different way of doing clustering. It involves
important modification of the kernel so that processes can migrate
transparently over any network. The load balancing is completely
automatic and all nodes are equivalent. There is no queuing system. It
is perfect for programs that do a lot of forking but not ideal (IMHO)
for a multi-user / multi-purpose cluster as no one will manage priority.

So you have to define your needs and the programming level of users
before doing any choice.


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