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Re: diskless cluster

> The 3C905C is no longer available: if you ask for one, you get given the
> 905CX, which has the go-faster bits removed.  Go instead for the 3C980C,
> which appears to be a direct reincarnation of the 905C.

Gee, I didn't know about this, thanks. We just got a bunch of 3C905C-TXNM,
but I suppose these extra letters indicate the presence or the absence of
boot prom, wake-on-lan capabilities, etc. We used this kind before without
any apparent problem. Is this 3C905CX supposed to be much slower? I will
have to check closer to see if we really got what we wanted... Things tend
to lag behind a bit here in Brazil, maybe that's why we can still get them
around here.

> Another useful alternative is the Intel EEPro100. Anybody care to
> benchmark these two .... ?

I don't have solid benchmarks, but our past usage of the EEPro100 seems to
indicate that it performs in the same ballpark as the 3C905's (B or C) and
the DEC tulip cards.

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            The University of Sao Paulo,  IFUSP-DFMA
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