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Re: diskless cluster

Rodrigo F. Baroni wrote:

Hello all,

    I'm trying to build  a cluster beowulf debian
with a master pc being a server, where the others pcs
(slaves) will boot through a floppy that will boot it
(with a etherboot disk - etherboot.sourceforge.net)and
get ip and a kernel image using a tftp server.

    Does anybody here have done this before, or have
some suggestions ?

apt-get install diskless

Then follow directions in /usr/share/doc/diskless (or via dhelp/dwww, available e.g. from http://lyre.mit.edu/dwww/menu.html ).

It's a little bit complicated, but when it's all working, well worth it! To reboot a client, just switch it off and on. To add a new one, just use update-cluster-add and update-cluster-regenerate all.

I've been meaning to act on my decision (three months ago) to adopt the diskless package, and fix some bugs to make diskless maintenance easier... Comments and suggestions welcome; I'll actually have some time for this in January.


-Adam P.

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