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Re: beowulf with afs

On Tue, Oct 15, 2002 at 09:38:00PM -0200, Jorge L. deLyra wrote:
> > of building a cluster with ~ 150 nodes and about 100-140 GB/node of
> > 'free' hard drive space.
> Man, that's a lot of disk. Just a wild idea I'm curious about: anybody
> ever tried exporting disks from nodes via the nbd (network block device)
> and assembling a huge raid0 (stripping) with the nbd's on the front end?
> This might make a very fast disk even with IDE disks and traffic through
> the network. This would be sort of a funny way to use a cluster...

that's kinda like what pvfs ( http://parlweb.parl.clemson.edu/pvfs/ )

it works very very well for a high-performance scratch file system.


Rob Latham                                        Woodridge, IL USA             

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