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problems with spam


I wondered why I haven't received mail from the beowulf list since July
30. I discovered that murphy.debian.org got listed on one or more spam
block lists due to misconfiguration.

see mail log:

Aug 19 06:47:21 backburner postfix/smtpd[26762]: reject: RCPT from
murphy.debian.org[]: 554 Service unavailable;
[] blocked using blackholes.five-ten-sg.com, reason: added
2002-08-05; spam support - netblk-q0709-65-123-227-0;
Murphy has got to get out of the spam blackhole list. If you need help,
just tell me.


Ever wondered why Google's so fast & reliable?
They work "... with one of the world's largest Linux clusters"
 & "corporate Linux desktop".
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