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Re: Automated cluster installs...

 Hi Carlos,

 I used FAI and Debian Sid to install two clusters on our lab, one with 9 
Intel PCs and other with 16 AMD Athlon XPs.

 FAI took a little while to configure, but once set up it did a very clean and 
controlable job. Smooth and quick mass installation of nodes :-)


Claudio Martins

On Friday 26 July 2002 04:42, Carlos O'Donell wrote:
> d-beowulf,
> Out of curiosity, what install methodology have people
> employed in the field?
> I have a smalish, 50 node PARISC cluster and we wrote
> our own tools for doing dead-simple automated installs
> ( nfs install root, unpacks root-fs tarball onto disk ).
> Are people using FAI?
> Are you dd'ing disks?
> Manually installing all the nodes?
> I can elaborate more on our install methods if people
> really want to hear a quick-n-dirty install method.
> c.

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