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Re: ip-over-firewire.

I have. Last time i was working with it (last summer) it seemed viable but
the drivers were still in development and i was unable to get anything
more than 200mbit. Things don't seem to have changed since then. I was
using ip1394 and eth1394.Both of those driver don't seem to have been
worked on since the last time i used them. 
On 12 Mar 2002, Andrew (Andy) W.
Schmeder wrote:

> Hi all.
> I'm looking at building a cluster for my research group...  we debated
> the idea of using firewire for networking; the advantage being its fast,
> and removes a possible point-of-failure (the switch).  Has anyone tried
> this with success, or have reason to believe that this is at all a
> viable idea?
> thanks
> andy
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