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Re: Getting Started

On Mon, 2002-03-11 at 17:44, Jorge L. deLyra wrote:
> Kurt,
> > I have put together a µCluster that addresses some of these concerns.
> Very interesting, yours is a more solid-engineering type of approach, not
> a surprise considering you address!...
> > I eschewed latency concerns in favor of bandwidth ones and implemented a
> > channel-bonding scheme much like the one used at http://ilab.usc.edu/beo.
> How does bonding of 100 Mbps cards compare with Gigabit Ehternet these
> days? The cards are not all that expensive anymore, but I guess the
> network equipment still is. We got a 3Com server card for about US$ 500
> some time ago, but I hear there are some going for less than US$ 200 now.

Actually, I'm curious whether one could get low latency out of standard
100/1000 Mbps cards via bypassing the tcp stack, perhaps using
af_packet. Or is this already what linux mpi et al. use?


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