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Remote-accessible debconf databases - a solution!

For the two or three of you hanging out for this sort of thing, I've made an
initial release of debconf-ldap, an LDAP backend for debconf.  It allows you
to store cluster-wide configuration in a central repository, and even store
machine-specific config there if you so desire in a separate repository, all
without any NFS or other funny shenanigans.

It's not in the main debian archive yet, however if you add the following
line to your sources.list, you should be able to update and install it:

deb http://ieee.uow.edu.au/~mjp16/debian mjp16 main

*Please* read the README.Debian before use, it's a little twitchy about a
few things (mostly SEP).  You'll need a working LDAP server and a bit of
LDAP knowledge before use.

I would appreciate bug reports, suggestions, and criticisms from anyone who
feels like trying this out.

For those of you who prefer a different approach to your remote access
needs, I will be starting an SQL backend in the near future.  Watch this

#include <disclaimer.h>
Matthew Palmer

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