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Anyone have a good howto on how to get channel bonding going?

I've got the systems auto loading bond0 and the network cards through
module aliases.  I've got my interfaces file calling:

auto lo
iface lo inet loopback

auto bond0
iface bond0 inet static
	pre-up ifenslave -E bond0 eth0 eth1
	post-down ifenslave -D bond0 eth0 eth1

bond0 comes "up" along with eth0 and eth1 as slaves with no ip addresses
on the smaller 2 card nodes but it won't do the same thing on the master
with 3 cards.  It's driving me nuts but the switch lights are blinking
and I can get 50% dropped packets so I know something is wrong.

My network topology is 2 switches on top of each other and each client
puts one card into each switch at the exact same port.  The switches
have no knowledge or connection to each other.  Is this going to work?

Do I have to set up eth0 and eth1 at all?  Or on separate networks ie for eth0 and for eth1 and then bond to ... what
ip?  Or am I on the right track and the switches need to be configured?

I'm scouring google and the beowulf sites with no luck.


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