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Re: etherboot/netboot

On Sun, Aug 19, 2001 at 08:31:07AM +0530, Viral wrote:
> Hi,


Sorry for not replying until now, but I do not read this list much.

> I was wondering if its a good idea to package etherboot. Currently we
> have netboot, but one of the HOWTOs on Diskless clients said that etherboot
> is a better package. 

Well as I have understood the netboot package just creates the filesystem
needed to boot.

> Whats the status of netboot in debian ? I haven't looked around, and am
> hoping someone could tell me. Would it be a good idea to have etherboot
> packages, or does netboot provide all the functionality ?

No I do not think so.

This is what I know:

* netboot - creates a filesystem and contains documentation on how
            to fix things to boot. Orphaned or RFA:ed.
* nfsboot - Helps you to create a netboot server. Meta-package.
	    Maintained by me.
* nfsbooted - Helps you to create a netbooted image. Meta-package.
            Maintained by me.
* etherboot - Helps you to create a boot bios for your network card.
	    Should be packaged if possible.


// Ola

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