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Re: pbuilder

> The reason it is done is that unless you know what you are doing,
> running lilo inside a chroot can cause disastrous and undesired
> results.

Yes, something like this should definitely be done for safety. During
base-install debootstrap adds a line reading


to the system's /etc/fstab, so that liloconfig (in lilo.postinst) does
nothing. What do you think about making lilo "unusable" by just

% sed -e 's/^[^#].*/#\0/' < /etc/lilo.conf

commenting out all lines in it, so that you could still use "lilo -C" for
example? Or you just move lilo.conf out of the way -- which I wouldn't
like pbuilder to do in my original /etc-tree but within a chroot it would
be alright.

Kind regards,

ruehmkorf at informatik dot uni hyphen koeln dot de

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