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Re: Reading list

Well, I have bought just about everything on related subjects (PVM, MPI,
etc) from mitpress.mit.edu (you can't go wrong with anything that has Marc
Snir as an author) including the aforementioned definitive work by the
Elder Gods. We are also lucky enough to have a bunch of computer bookstores
in the neighborhood like Quantumbooks, SoftPro and MicroCenter so I think I
have most of what's written on the subject and have created a library for
them over at the DeBUG office, for those of you who find yourself in the
states with some free time. Does anyone know about High Performance Cluster
Computing by Rajkumar Buyya? I haven't been able to find that one yet. I am
also rewriting selected chapters from my ClusterFAQ if anyone wants to help
out. It seems to me what is a hot topic in clustering today wasn't even on
our radar screen a year ago (like Mosix).

Kurt Keville
Debian Beowulf Users Group (DeBUG)

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