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Re: Reading list

On Tue, 4 Sep 2001, Carpenter, Dean wrote:

> Hey All -
> Can anyone provide a good recommended reading list for cluster/high
> performance/high avail/beowulf computing ?  Which books have you read and
> found to be good, and more importantly, which were bad and to be avoided ?

The great thing about this type of question is that it can easily be the
start of a nice little flame war.  :)

But, for a partial answer to your question, I have only read one book on
the subject of Linux clustering -- "Building Linux Clusters," which was
published by O'Reilly.  This book was very much not good.  It was also
pulled off the production line by O'Reilly only a few months after it was
released, so they recognized that it needed some help.

I have found, however, that books are sometimes not a very helpful source
of information in this particular field.  The technology is evolving so
rapidly that in many cases, if a book is about specific technologies, it
can be out of date by the time it is released.  

There are a few websites out there that are actually helpful in providing
information and links about various aspects of Linux clustering.  A few of
these you may wish to check out are:


I know that the first and third of these links have pages or sections
about books related to Linux and Linux clustering.  

Good Luck,

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