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Re: How do tasks work now?

Marcelo E. Magallon wrote:

Hi Randolph,

I'm having trouble finding documentation for the task system.  Looking
at the available file on my machine, I see some packages include a
'Task:' field.  Is this something each maintainer has to add to the
control file or is it managed using an override file?  Are there
guidelines for creating tasks?  I'm asking because we at debian-beowulf
would like to have tasks, parallel-computing and
parallel-computing-node.  The first one is the set of packages to be
installed on a "master node" (development libraries, utilities,
daemons) and the second one are those that comprise a runtime

Another question, is tasksel excluded from the freeze?  Can the task
descriptions be updated?  As far as I can see those are stored on a
central file.

Nope. Get the tasksel package, and look at /usr/share/doc/tasksel/README. It scans /var/lib/dpkg/available for both task-* packages and Task: fields, at runtime. We can still modify Task: for non-base packages, since those are not frozen.

Incidentally, this solves Fabrice's arch dependency problem: if mosix-* is not available on, say, powerpc, then it won't be listed in /var/lib/dpkg/available, and tasksel won't include it in the parallel-computing(-dev) task.


-Adam P.

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