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 I was wondering if there's interest in creating (or recreating) a task
 "parallel computing" and "parallel computing node".  FTR, before
 getting expelled from sid those tasks consisted of:

 parallel-computing: lam2-dev, pvm-dev, mpich, scalapack-mpich-dev,
    scalapack-lam-dev, scala pack-pvm-dev, blas-dev, atlas2-dev,
    blacs-pvm-dev, blacs-mpich-dev, bing, netbase, fping, tcpdump, ntop,
    netpipe-lam, netpipe-mpich, netpipe-pvm, netpipe-tcp, petsc-dev

 parallel-computing-node: lam-runtime, mpich, pvm, scalapack1-lam,
    scalapack1-mpich, scalapack1-p vm, blas1, atlas2, blacs1-lam,
    blacs1-mpich, blacs1-pvm

 Yes, there are some things missing there.  Please enumerate them.

 Looking at the tasksel documentation[0] it looks like the first thing
 that's needed is to get a tiny bit of extra information on the control
 file of each package that belongs to a task (I might be completely
 wrong, but the docs aren't clear on this).  Something like:

    Package: lam2-dev
    [The usual stuff]
    Task: parallel-computing

    Package: lam-runtime
    Task: parallel-computing-node

 After that you need to get a description included in a file in the
 tasksel package if you want this to show up in tasksel's list.

 Is anyone interested in this?  Do you have recomentations regarding
 packages that should be included here?  Or do you prefer me to update
 and reupload the tasks-p-c packages (which might or might now mean that
 it shows up in tasksel's list)?  From what I remember from Joey's
 message to d-d this might not fit the profile for a tasksel's task
 (it's too focused and it's not a "task"), so befone anyone starts
 recompiling packages because of this measly change, I'd like to know if
 there's interest.  Next thing is asking the tasksel maintainer if this
 can be included in tasksel's whatever (database, list, description
 list, ???) and *then* start with the madness.

 TIA for the feedback,


 [0] /dev/null, I'll appreciate if someone corrects me

 PS: Has anyone here looked at the Progeny autoinstaller?  The pacakge
 is called autoinstall, IIRC.

Marcelo             | On Earth, No-one Can Hear You Say "Um".
mmagallo@debian.org |         -- (Terry Pratchett, Only You Can Save Mankind)

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