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Re: Using update-cluster.

In Sat, 11 Aug 2001 12:50:17 +0530 Viral cum veritate scripsit :

> What would be a good way to do this ? Would it be a good idea to let
> mosix depend upon update-cluster, or should it just be in the suggests:
> field ? In that case, if update-cluster is installed and configured,
> mosix
> could attempt configuration using update-cluster.

It would be not a problem to have mosix depend upon update-cluster, and 
call "update-cluster-regenerate mosix" in the postinst, as long as 
the generated configuration files are not marked as "conffiles".

By the way, I was thinking of adding a 

Which can be sourced from a shell script (*.updatelist) like

. /etc/update-cluster/clusterwiderc

and used for system-wide NFSROOT (usually /tftpboot)  and 
cluster-wide shared home (usually /home) 

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