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Re: Demo

Heiko Bauke (Heiko.Bauke@Student.UNI-Magdeburg.DE) said:

> Hi,
> I' locking for a nice demo program to demonstrate the power of
> beowulf computers. It should give some graphical output that's easy
> to understand for people who are not mathematician or physicists.
> Any idea? Rendering Mandelbrot sets is too easy.

the povrays (pvm povray, mpi povray ) are probably the most graphical
of the embarasingly parallel problems.  I don't know if mpi-povray
works with lam, but i know it works with mpich.

most scientists don't care to put something fruity like a "progress
meeter" or a "speedup ticker" into their code, so yes, it's hard to
find good bell-and-whistle demos for things like trade shows or budget


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