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Re: Distributed visualization anyone?

>>>>> "SDP" == Stéphane Del Pino <delpino@ann.jussieu.fr> writes:

    SDP> Hi,

    SDP> My answer may come lately but nobody gave any pointer to
    SDP> openDX: http://www.opendx.org

    SDP> This is an open-source project based on IBM data explorer. It
    SDP> actually = has an SMP support and an MPI version is currently
    SDP> under development.

    SDP> While the MPI version is not already available openDX is a
    SDP> great tool. = Does anyone knows why there is no opendx
    SDP> package in Debian (even in sid ...)= ?

I believe you refer to "dx"...  which is in sid.

 --* Opt science  dx           IBM Visualization Data Explorer (main package)
  _* Opt science  dx-dev       IBM Visualization Data Explorer (development)
  _* Opt science  dx-doc       IBM Visualization Data Explorer (documentation)

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